Italy launches a public consultation on the MSFD monitoring in the Adriatic Sub-region



Article 19 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive n. 2008/56/EC requires Member States to organize public consultations aiming at improving its implementation. In this framework, the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, in cooperation with ISPRA, is launching a public consultation on the technical aspects of the draft monitoring programmes which are under preparation.

The consultation, which will end on 11th july 2014, aims at gathering from main stakeholders, groups and individuals, relevant suggestions, opinions and advices, trying to build a common knowledge ground at local level. It covers the draft monitoring proposals concerning the eleven Marine Strategy Framework Directive descriptors, including Descriptor 2 on non-indigenous species.

The public consultation procedure will be introduced by four public events, planned to cover the different Italian marine sub-regions. The second of these events will be held in the Emilia Romagna region (Cesenatico) and will address specificities of the Adriatic marine sub-region. It is planned on the 20th of June 2014, hosted by the Fondazione Centro Ricerche Marine, which is a BALMAS project partner.

During the event, the institutional roadmap of the Italian MSFD implementation will be presented.

More info (Italian version) on:

Italian MSFD public consultation 2014

Second event: Emilia Romagna Adriatic- Subregion



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